On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 07:18:03AM -0800, Daniel Damouth wrote:
> From: "Jeffrey Nowakowski" <jeffno at ccs.neu.edu>
> > You can't use "borgish" as a criteria of what to put/not put into a
> > robot team.  By it's very nature the robot is "borgish".  As long as
> > the robot isn't getting any special help from the server it isn't
> > cheating.
> If a robot is doing things that are illegal for a human to do, such as
> communicating through sockets with other clients, it is cheating.

You do realize that what you are suggesting, is that if a person opens
an IRC window to speak to his other team mates (IRC uses TCP/IP), that
this team is now "cheating" under your definition of the term.

Heck, all of ICQ / MSN / AIM use "sockets" to communicate. Is it illegal
for a human player to make use of any of these mechanisms of communication?

You know... perhaps if the Robots communicated using audio only, you
would consider it legal? I.e. if the robots were all attached to
separate microphone/speaker pairs, and the microphone/speakers were
kept in a single room. Or, as somebody else suggested, would you demand
that they used the English language to communicate with each other?

If they *did* use the English language, and voice recognition
software, would it be illegal for them to speak at upwards of 600
words per minute?

This is pure insanity, Daniel. You are trying to bind my hands
together on this one.

At least Tom doesn't think it's cheating. He just thinks it won't work,
or that it isn't worth the effort. :-)


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