yah, haha "Senor Ted Turner"
what morons!

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Steve Sheldon wrote:

> Can we please eliminate the tedturner mailing lists?  At least call it
> something else.
> The only time they ever get any email is when one of these idiots send
> asking for money.
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>    Mar del Plata, January of 2001. -
>   Mr. Ted Turner
>   Presents
>   Of my greater consideration:
>   I go briefly to You with the object of making a proposal of businesses.
>   Previously, I request excuses to me if orthographic lack or of writing
> exist, since to send this letter to him I am using a translator via
> Internet.
>   My name is Daniel GONZALEZ and alive in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires,
> ARGENTINA.  I have 35 years and in March I marry with the one who has been
> my woman for six years, DANIELA of 30 years.  I am Systems analyst of
> Computation, with studies of Administration of Companies, Marketing and
> Commercialization, English , and Internet.  My woman is received this year
> of Accountant Publishes.  Both we wished more than nothing to go to us to
> live to the South of our dear country, and to work there with dignity,
> something that is extremely difficult for the special prevailing economicas
> and social circumstances in our country.  We are decent, honest people and
> workers, with much talent, intelligence and many desire to make things that
> allow us to grow humanly as much to us as to our fellow;  our dream is to
> have a boy, who grows hard healthy, and with equality of opportunities By
> interval of this letter, we went to You so that you consider the possibility
> of offering a use us in its stays in San Martín of the Andes, since we were
> in perfect suitable conditions to administer any type of business, and in
> general, we can obtain any thing that we set out;  we were separated two
> years, since we lived in distant cities one of another one, and our love
> stayed signs in spite of all the difficulties by which we had to cross.
> Finally the time arrived to be together, and now we are fighting to find our
> course definitive that it marks for always our lives.  With time, You will
> have the possibility of knowing two people who single wish the good, and
> work for it.  In a so difficult world, is not easy to find people in whom to
> trust, nevertheless You will be able to make it so single with watching us
> to the eyes and seeing the together happiness that we radiated when being.
> Finally, I request to him please that it considers this proposal;  our
> destiny is in your generous hands.  From already thank you very much and
> that GOD blesses you.
>   0054-0223-4894228

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