Can we please eliminate the tedturner mailing lists?  At least call it
something else.

The only time they ever get any email is when one of these idiots send
asking for money.
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   Mar del Plata, January of 2001. -

  Mr. Ted Turner


  Of my greater consideration:

  I go briefly to You with the object of making a proposal of businesses.

  Previously, I request excuses to me if orthographic lack or of writing
exist, since to send this letter to him I am using a translator via

  My name is Daniel GONZALEZ and alive in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires,
ARGENTINA.  I have 35 years and in March I marry with the one who has been
my woman for six years, DANIELA of 30 years.  I am Systems analyst of
Computation, with studies of Administration of Companies, Marketing and
Commercialization, English , and Internet.  My woman is received this year
of Accountant Publishes.  Both we wished more than nothing to go to us to
live to the South of our dear country, and to work there with dignity,
something that is extremely difficult for the special prevailing economicas
and social circumstances in our country.  We are decent, honest people and
workers, with much talent, intelligence and many desire to make things that
allow us to grow humanly as much to us as to our fellow;  our dream is to
have a boy, who grows hard healthy, and with equality of opportunities By
interval of this letter, we went to You so that you consider the possibility
of offering a use us in its stays in San Martín of the Andes, since we were
in perfect suitable conditions to administer any type of business, and in
general, we can obtain any thing that we set out;  we were separated two
years, since we lived in distant cities one of another one, and our love
stayed signs in spite of all the difficulties by which we had to cross.
Finally the time arrived to be together, and now we are fighting to find our
course definitive that it marks for always our lives.  With time, You will
have the possibility of knowing two people who single wish the good, and
work for it.  In a so difficult world, is not easy to find people in whom to
trust, nevertheless You will be able to make it so single with watching us
to the eyes and seeing the together happiness that we radiated when being.
Finally, I request to him please that it considers this proposal;  our
destiny is in your generous hands.  From already thank you very much and
that GOD blesses you.





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