Try connecting to  If you are not rejected, then
continuum's RSA keyking is out of date.

On Fri, Jan 26, 2001 at 11:58:32AM -0600, John Hitt wrote:
> First problem.  It wants to run, this isn't a default
> X11 library on Solaris 7 or 8.  I managed to get around this by
> linking that name to and it runs ok on my local server.
> Real big problem.  When I try to connect to a server using RSA
> it gets the following error. (On Solaris 2.7).  If I had the proper
> RSA type of info I would be happy to compile with debugging on and
> find out exactly where the error is.  However, I don't so this is really
> all the info I can give you.
> unknown [1:/home/jhitt]: ./COW.3.00pl3.Solaris2.6.gz -h
> Reading defaults file .xtrekrc
> Calling on port 2592.
> Got connection.
> ***  socket 9104, player 11  ***
> Receiving Short Packet Version 11
> RSA verification requested.
> Tried to write 7, 0xffbeed38, 12
> write: Destination address required
> gwrite failed.
> Whoops!  We've been ghostbusted!
> Pray for a miracle!
> Waiting for connection (port 9104). 
> Minor problem:  This one isn't really a big deal, was just wanting to
> look at the pretty graphics and see what they were like.  I could never
> get it to even attempt to use the pixmaps, and when given the -u option,
> there is no -b option to even turn off the pretty pictures, so I am
> assuming that the support for them isn't in this version of the client.
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