On behalf of Kurt I'd like announce the availability of COW 3.00pl3 for
download.  Changes include a few minor bug fixes and the removal of
the expiration feature.  You can download the source and binaries

Currently only binaries for Solaris 2.6, SGI IRIX, Linux (including small
screen version) and Windows are available.  Client builders for AIX,
DEC Alpha, HPUX, FreeBSD and others should compile and upload new
binaries to ftp.netrek.org.

There is also an updated COW 2.02pl4 binary release for SGI IRIX

If the clients are being rejected by the servers, please contact the
server admins to update their RSA keys.

Please report problems to cow at netrek.org.

Dave Ahn | ahn at vec.wfubmc.edu | Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.  Try to live your life
so that when you die, you will rejoice and the world will cry.  -1/2 jj^2