There were a few things wrong with the UDP metaserver window on the
current version of COW.  It seemed sluggish.  There was a defect,
either mine or Carlos', that was causing it.  Changed in CVS ...

Tue Jul 24 14:47:50 2001  James Cameron  <quozl at us.netrek.org>

	* parsemeta.c: fix delay during UDP startup, by waiting up four
	seconds for the first response from a metaserver, and not waiting
	one second between processing X events on the window.  Update the
	list properly on a refresh.  Fix empty window when the player is
	serviced by satellite delays.

	Change the colour on a server line to Cyan during a connection
	attempt to observe, and to Yellow during a normal connection
	attempt.  Change to Green on successful connection.  Change to Red
	if connection fails.
	Make better guesses as to the initial size of the window.  Tidy up
	messages, remove excess periods, and add warning about no return
	packets suggesting a firewall as the cause.

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