On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 01:27:12PM -0400, Dave Ahn wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 10:02:54AM -0700, Tom Holub wrote:
> > 
> > What's the order of magnitude for a continuum-size DB under LTD_STATS?
> I don't know what the continuum's DB size is, but here's the excerpt from
> the README.LTD file.  I believe the sample 0.5M DB file was from pickled.
> |Converting an existing pickup server player DB to LTD_STATS mode
> |
> |WARNING: Do not do this unless you really want LTD_STATS.  This will
> |increase the player DB size by a factor of 13, and most pickup players
> |will not care about these detailed stats!  A test conversion of a
> |530,192 byte .players file yielded a 6,963,868 byte .players.LTD file.

That's probably reasonable.  If you're not getting into 100+MB files,
today that's nothing.