On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 02:09:31PM -0700, Lee Crawford wrote:
> Since the groups buzzing anyway...
> Has anyone put any thought into outputing the player
> stats in XML?  Instead of the html output thats used
> now... theres nothing wrong with the html tables I
> like them don't get me wrong just curious.
> While I'm at it... kills by ship type would be cool
> too... broken down b/w torp kills and phaser kills...
> And... and...
> Yes I know there all in the detailed log... but I'm
> getting old and lazy.  That or my job and life are
> just taking up more of my 'free' time.

"XML" is a fairly nebulous concept.  It would be simple to change the
output so that it conforms to the XHTML standard, for example.  I'm
not sure what that buys you, but all it would take is a slightly higher
degree of pedantry in the HTML code.  What do you see as the advantage?