Quoting James Cameron (quozl at us.netrek.org):
> What I _really_ need on the Linux/UNIX front is people to package up the
> client and server for the various flavours.  We've already had a go at
> that, but lacked enthusiasm to continue.  Bob did some excellent work at
> Red Hat spec files for the server, but I haven't had time to keep it
> alive after I dropped Red Hat on my machines.  I've had a go at making
> Debian packages, and I seem to be nearly on top of it, and yet the
> latest server release was still only .tar.gz.  We need someone willing
> to learn (or already knows) packaging.

Eh? Has anything major changed in the server layout that the .spec file needs to
be updated? From browsing the cvs commit archive, I just see bug fixes, which
should require a release change, but nothing more.

I don't recall a new official release being announced, where I'd need to roll a
new server rpm.

I'll roll new rpms right now.

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