On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 12:38:14PM +0200, Benjamin `Quisar' Lerman wrote:
>  Karthik Arumugham a écrit : 
> > This is not just a "god cheat" program. There are legit uses for it during
> > an INL/WNL game, such as fixing problems due to network errors by agreement
> > of the captains. Someone who wants to cheat could just compile it in
> > anyways, so I don't see any reason to just disable it.
>  Well, the reason to disable things is not to prevent people of cheating,
> it is to speed up the compilation and to use less space, because most INL
> servers are associtaed to a pickup server that will already have all
> those things compiled.

My experience is that xsg has to be compiled along with the server; it
is very touchy about differences in the shared memory segment.