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> Documentation and web site are a waste of time.  People want to
> download and go.  Yet another clue or newbie archive is not the
> answer.

Ok, for the past two years I've been meaning to do this, and never quite got
around to it because something else would come up that was more interesting.

But I'm going to promise to make a serious effort this next couple of weeks
to clean up my internal windows netrek client and bundle up a new release.
I guess I have been playing with this release for like 9 months and forget
that it has some really signifigantly nice features missing from the public

I've also now learned VB well enough that I think I can throw together a
quick xtrekrc generator program to go with it.  But I'm going to first focus
on just releasing what I have to let people use that.

Ultimate goal is a nice setup.exe package, with a frontend program that
helps generate an xtrekrc and then launches netrek.exe with options passed
to it.  Instead of using the command line, etc.

Oh, BTW...  One of the fans on the powersupply of my Sparcstation seems to
be dying.  Anyone happen to know how easy that would be to replace?  Looks
like maybe a 60mm fan?

[See how easy it is for me to get distracted!?]