On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 12:54:45AM -0500, Steve Sheldon wrote:
> I've also now learned VB well enough that I think I can throw together a
> quick xtrekrc generator program to go with it.  But I'm going to first focus
> on just releasing what I have to let people use that.

Release early, release often.  Others can test your code and adjust it.
I've been dreaming of a PHP based web site that would take a player's
xtrekrc file and present a form to let them change how it works, then
download the new one.  Package a web server and PHP with the client,
and there you have it.  ;-}

> Ultimate goal is a nice setup.exe package, with a frontend program that
> helps generate an xtrekrc and then launches netrek.exe with options passed
> to it.  Instead of using the command line, etc.

I've got a computer camp coming up in September that I'd like this to
be available for, in case you would like a deadline.  ;-)

> Oh, BTW...  One of the fans on the powersupply of my Sparcstation seems to
> be dying.  Anyone happen to know how easy that would be to replace?  Looks
> like maybe a 60mm fan?

60mm fans are a common size.  I can get 12V models for about $USD7.
The width will be the next thing.  Open the box, measure the fan.
If you can get the fan out, brush it with a vacuum cleaner nearby,
it may start running faster, (or not at all).

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