On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 01:16:20AM -0700, Daniel Damouth wrote:
> We should probably be developing towards Windows XP, which is based on
> 2000/NT code (and is supposed to be released in October).  Maybe if we cross
> our fingers, the feature will be available?

Actually, the target platform should probably be Windows 98/Me which the
vast majority of home users run.

> Of course, I say "we" fairly arrogantly, as I've done nothing.  But if I
> were a team member on an ambitious netrek project I'd get into it.  I have
> development environments on a 98 box and a 2000 box, and some experience in
> C/C++/Unix/Win32.  Not much GUI experience or desire, though, unless we're
> talking Java.  I would love to do some Java, but I don't see a role for it.

To tell you the truth, a pure Java client is no longer out of the question.
Considering that any modern day computer will be at least a Celery 600,
a solid, well-written Java netrek client would work quite well.

Hmm.  Running a netrek server on a Java application server would be pretty
funny.  "What?  There's a wait queue?  Throw some more CPU's at it..maybe
it'll scale up the connection pool!"

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