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> On Tue, 8 May 2001, Steve Sheldon wrote:
> > Sounded simple, but I cannot find a reliable way to determine
> on the client
> > if a player is an observer or not.
> There is a player flag, PFOBSERV, that observers get.  Can't you
> check that?

Have tried that.  Doesn't appear to be set reliably.  It either takes a long
time to update, or perhaps it's only updating for the connecting player.
Haven't examined why that is.

> I suggest changing the status value of POBSERV from 5 to 6.  That
> way it would
> match the observer status used in the paradise server and
> understood by the
> paradise clients.

What is value 5 used for in Paradise?

Hmm, that may cause other problems, hard to say.

> You might also try checking what happens with other clients when
> they get an
> unknown status value.

I'll see if I can't find some old Ultrix clients to try. :)