On Tue, May 08, 2001 at 09:20:20PM -0500, Steve Sheldon wrote:
> The reason is that sndPStatus() on the server wipes out this value.  I guess
> because some older clients didn't know how to handle p_status > 4.

Yes, this was only just last year; continuum had complaints of unfair
teams because the team selection window included observers in the count.
So they were marked POUTFIT instead.

> But is that still the case?  If this is no longer an issue, I'd like to
> request applying the following patch, which basically rips out the observer
> specific morphing from that function.

I think we need to test it carefully first.  On a clue server?

> If not, can someone suggest an alternative?

Persistent POUTFIT isn't exactly going to be easy to check for.
Perhaps the POBSERV status processing by the client needs to be
a new FEATURE flag?

Note: that "if" with pobserv up the top followed by an or test with a
lot of conditions has been #if 0'd in CVS because it always will test
true.  Please update your code from CVS, when you get a moment.

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