> Well, I guess that's acceptable.  Maybe I've just gotten old and
> crusty like so many netrekkers before me.  If Zach is going to do
> this, he should solicit ideas from r.g.n.

Uh, if these messages aren't already broken out into a separate file, let's
come up with a syntax scheme for a t-mode messages file so that server
admins can insert whatever random political statements they want and keep 
them up to date or not.

#define T_MODE_MSGS_FILE <filename>

possible T-mode file syntax:

<in> Dick Cheney steals GW's lollipop!  War ensues!
<out> Vaccine for all STDs discovered.  War put on hold for free love.

have multiple <in> and <out> lines, parse the file when the server starts,
or even on galaxy reset.

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