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From: "Michael Wyatt" <michaelwyatt at PunkAss.com>
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Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 13:46:07 -0600

>I put the setup file on the FTP server, but it looks like the pixmaps in 98
>are corrupted. The same setup file will install perfectly on 2k but in 98
>some of the pixmaps are corrupted. I've recomplied the setup file a few
>times, but with no luck. Remember that the inno setup program was made in
>2000! The only corrupted pixmaps are the paradise 16 and 32 ships, weapons,
>and explosions. (The newer ones, right?) I'll keep working on getting around

Are you sure the actual bitmaps are corrupted, or is Win98 just not displaying them correctly?  That is, it might be a color pallete problem, or something.

>"Open Source Software - http://www.opensource.org/
>Nearly all of Netrek software is open source. Though the copyrights and
>licensing terms differ among the various software sources, almost all of
>Netrek software is considered to be open source. When using and modifying
>any Netrek software, please be sure to read the relevant terms."
>Is COW just GNU GPL?

Look at copyright.h and copyright2.h in the source tree.