On Tuesday 27 November 2001 12:50, you wrote:
> Netscrape is truly a piece of garbage.

Which Version? Netscape 6.0 is crap yes, but 6.1 is very stable and a good 
product. As for 6.2, I haven't tried yet.

> Besides continually screwing up memory it always crashes and
> fails to download all of a file. I will download something only
> to learn Netscrape failed the last crucial bytes needed :(
> Someone told me to get SF account yet it is going away. So if CVS
> will be handled locally off of our own server don't I need an
> account there and not a CVS? Just pull the COW tree down to our
> local CVS node right?

CVS works in a way, that you fetch a snapshot from the server as a local 
copy. You may do whatever you like on your local copy and as soon as you 
think its usable for others you commit your changes and sync with the server.

So you need your SF account for the sync procedure. On your local system you 
do not need anything special, beside a CVS client for fetching and sync the 


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