I'm not opposed to leaving SF if it starts to look dangerous to be
there.  We should have backups of everything there anyway, and
Real Time is the obvious place to have these backups.  Dave can you
confirm we are not exposed to a sudden loss of SF?

I have quite a bit of respect for Nate, from reviewing the rte-outage
postings and seeing the problem resolution logic employed.  ;-)  So if
he(?) was available to help us with a SF instance, that would be good.

I must admit I haven't really taken to SF for the Vanilla project,
probably because CVS has been working so well (well done Real Time),
and as a coder the files in the tree mean more than bug reporting
systems, discussion forums, and so on.  The project is in maintenance
mode anyway.

For your interest, Compaq only just shut down their SF instance, and
migrated all their projects to the real SF.  I'm the release engineer
for the pptp-client project, apparently.  This happened a month or two

Dave, so my thoughts on setting up a SF instance ... do it if we need to
because then it won't be overkill any more.  A revisit of old decision.

Zach, I had a go at packaging Vanilla for Debian, but I kept bumping
into too many hurdles.  I did fix a few things in CVS that will help the
next person who tries.  Let's ask the Debian community to do it?

Overall, I think I should be concentrating on making the client easier
to install and use.  http://www.jordanr.dhs.org/isinfo.htm might be the
Windows installer I shall use as a first try.

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