On Saturday 20 October 2001 17:24, Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> > > RES-RSA can be built and installed separatly, right ? So if i make
> > > Vanilla package requires it for building, where is the problem ?
> >
> > Well, RES-RSA doesn't produce any installable runtimes.  You could bulid
> > a dev package that contains it, however.
> I tought it was an independant project, but it seems actually to be a
> netrek-dependant one. I guess it is used by several netrek client/servers,
> right ?
> Howevern Vanilla-2.9p17 archive already ships everyting from res-rsa-2.9.2
> one, with even one more source file rsa-server.c. So, what's the use of the
> additional archive ?

The only reason are stupid US laws, nothing else. 
BTW: Cryptography is illegal in France at all, so if you use it you have to 
be aware of the fact that you are acting against your even more stupid laws 

Kurt (007)

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