Ainsi parlait James Cameron :
> > > Now with the new problems... Vanilla use standard autoconf/automake,
> >
> > While Vanilla does use autoconf, I'm not sure how many of the specific
> > directory overrides it accepts.  Perhaps James could comment.
> --prefix is the only override we've used.
> While I have seen that most distributions want to split files into
> different directories, the code in the Netrek Server presumes just one
> directory will be used; LIBDIR, from --prefix.
OK, i understand now: everything in the same directory, even configuration 
files . May i suggest you add either compilation or runtime switch to specify
configuration and log directories locations ? I don't know if this is 
difficult to implements, but makes installation way easier and more flexible.

Moreover, you currently misuses prefix as the top-level installation 
directory, whereas it should be the root from which you build your top-level 
directory path. So, you should install in %{prefix}/games/netrek, not in 
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