Hi Raymond,

Thanks for porting BRMH to MacOS X.  Please submit a patch so that it can
be added to the main source tree.

You'll need to get Karthik Arumugham to clear your key.  He is the current
maintainer of BRMH.

FYI, Dave Moore ported TedTurner to MacOS X last week.


On Sun, Sep 02, 2001 at 09:18:27PM -0700, Raymond Waldrop wrote:
> Howdy!
>    I find myself in need of a contact for getting
> a client RSA key approved/disseminated/etc.  I now
> have a BRMH 2.4 client running under MacOS X,
> though more testing is needed.  If memory serves,
> there is at least one other player who was looking
> for a MacOS X client, so I would be interested in
> getting this beast packaged up.  Of course,
> without an RSA key recognized by useful servers,
> the client is of _limited_ usefulness.  Could you
> point me in the right direction for getting a key
> set up that would be accepted?
> Raymond Waldrop
> a.k.a. Hot Soup

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