From: Nick Slager (nslager at
Subject: client bug 
Date: 2002-07-22 07:45:40 PST 

While working on my open GL java client I ran into a
funny bug. I found that the client wouldn't process
cloak/uncloak and shield toggles on a ship other then
your own if that ship was warp 0 and didn't do
anything else.

After getting frustrated with the packet code (which I
hadn't modified) I figured I'd check my sanity and try
it in COW since that's where the code was originally
ported from. Much to my supprise the bug was there in
COW as well. I would suspect that the XP client has
the same bug bug I can't test that right now. The
paradise client seems to work correctly, but it uses a
different way of processing packets and my C is WAY
too rusty to figure it out at the moment. However,
this does lead me to believe that it is a client
problem and not a server problem.

If one of you client guys finds the problem I'd
appreciate a heads up on what's wrong.


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