> Is there any chance that the owner can switch this list to accept email 
> only from a subscribed person?  

I was under the impression that part of the intent of this list was to allow
non-developers to send in bug-reports, suggestions, and general questions to 
the developers, without necessarily having to use rec.games.netrek.  This 
list is publicised on the netrek webpage as a source of info for new users.  

While spam doesn't bother nearly as much, since I'm pretty happy with my 
delete button, I don't pay for my network connection.

So, since the address for this list either got pulled out of a web archive or
some enterprising spammer actually subscribed in order to get the list
address, I propose the following:
If a non-subscriber wants to send a message to the list, make them fill out 
a web form which first verifies them through a given email address, then
posts their message once they've clicked on a receipt url in our verification
email.  Then possibly caching verified email addresses so the user doesn't
have to do it again the next time they post.  
I haven't really taken a good look at mailman, our list manager software,
but I believe it should be versatile enough.

Only if, of course, we're going to allow non-subscribers to continue to

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