The SDL_mixer sound stuff seems pretty solid. I've logged over 20 hours with no
crashes. I'd like to play again this week, to log a few more hours.

But I'd like to get some other testers. And none-Redhat users willing to try
sound out?

Talking IRC, there are a couple of request from Quozl for new sounds.

motor run background noise, 
orbit party background noise, 
torp hits, 
torp dets, 
plasma explosions, 
separation of phaser hit from phaser wiff.
transporter for beaming up and down.
screams of dying armies (when ogged)
hammering when repairing.

I'm totally clueless on how to sample sounds. Anyone able to help us out?

Would be best is a document with links to relevant HOWTOs and some advise on how
to sample sounds from a vary of sources. In particular, cdrom, dvds, mp3.

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