On Sat, 15 Jun 2002, Bob Tanner wrote:

> But I'd like to get some other testers. And none-Redhat users willing to try
> sound out?

Do you mean other OS's?  I can test various Solaris installs.  (I believe
SDL works on Solaris..)

> Talking IRC, there are a couple of request from Quozl for new sounds.
> I'm totally clueless on how to sample sounds. Anyone able to help us out?

Sure.  I sent you email when you started this thread, but maybe it didn't
get through?  I'd be glad to get some dig around or rip some samples
from the movies/shows.

I have a registered copy of Cool Edit 2000, which is a very cool sound
editor that lets you mix, edit, resample, clean up and add effects to
sounds of any format.  If you have specific suggestions (eg: "Use a sample
from episode # of ST:TNG during the reception in 10-Forward for the orbit
party sound) please send 'em along.  

Hell we could even stick in the "Let slip the Dogs of War!" on t-mode. ;)

> Would be best is a document with links to relevant HOWTOs and some advise on how
> to sample sounds from a vary of sources. In particular, cdrom, dvds, mp3.

cdrom's and dvds are fairly easy to rip (especially sound), it's getting
it from VHS or laser that's tougher, but really all that requires is
getting the audio output of your deck to the mic/line-in on your sound
card.  I could probably write something up.  A while back a buddy of mine
and I replace most of the sounds to Warcraft II with Simpsons and various
other sounds.  I still have most of those archived, though we had to
resample most of them to a specific kHz (and to some degree, length) for
them to work with Warcraft II.  If you ever get the urge to load WC2
again, check it out:  ftp://ftp.ucar.edu/pub/rsc/simpsfx.zip
I'll let that be my resume'.

BTW, my own suggestion for the 'repair' sound would be the scene from
Monty Python and the Holy Grail where you hear them building the wooden
rabbit in the woods.  :)

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