Quoting Steve Sheldon (ssheldon at sodablue.org):
> > Win32 only?
> 80-90% of players are using Win32 clients.

47% of Americans are over-weight. Coincidence?

> Michael, if you are interested in any help let me know.  I started on
> something similar, and we could perhaps merge efforts.

My point is Quozl and I have been talking about a similar thing under the Unix
side of things. I was asking of it was Win32 only because I was interested in
the code and design for the Unix side of things. Why re-invent the wheel, when
you can re-use (or for you Win32 lovers, embrace and extend).

Since there are several toolkits that make cross-platform coding easier (SDL,
OpenGL, heck Java, Python, QT, GTK). I thought we could all join effort and
write something for both worlds.

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