I agree with you all the way, the problem is that I didn't use C. The code
is written in Pascal (Delphi) and compiles down to C. Also most of my
routines use the Win32 API. Borland offers a open version for Linux, but I
haven't had a chance to look at it.
(http://www.borland.com/kylix/open/index.html) I'm not going to be a
stickler and hide my code, but I don't know if it will be any use to you. My
outlook is that if your smart enough to run Linux you should have no problem
getting Netrek to run too. I wanted to give the Windows newbies a way to get
the game to work right without knowing anything about the RC file or command
line options.

If you want the code, your welcome to it. If you want to get us all working
on one project, that fine with me too. Whatever makes the game better.

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> Quoting Steve Sheldon (ssheldon at sodablue.org):
> > > Win32 only?
> >
> > 80-90% of players are using Win32 clients.
> 47% of Americans are over-weight. Coincidence?
> > Michael, if you are interested in any help let me know.  I started on
> > something similar, and we could perhaps merge efforts.
> My point is Quozl and I have been talking about a similar thing under the
> side of things. I was asking of it was Win32 only because I was interested
> the code and design for the Unix side of things. Why re-invent the wheel,
> you can re-use (or for you Win32 lovers, embrace and extend).
> Since there are several toolkits that make cross-platform coding easier
> OpenGL, heck Java, Python, QT, GTK). I thought we could all join effort
> write something for both worlds.
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