On Sun, Jun 16, 2002 at 10:15:43PM -0400, Mark Mielke wrote:
> If it were to be integrated into the netrek executable, it should
> probably be GTk (or the limited GUI controls already available in the
> Netrek client). Otherwise, I would suggest that Java would be
> preferable. It isn't as if performance is an issue... :-)

That's right.  Performance isn't the issue that determines choice of
development tools.  It's availability of programmers who know the tools.

While the Netrek player community is 77% Windows based (an astoundingly
low figure that points out that this is a techo's game) the Netrek
developer community is not 77% Windows based.

I want to maximise the opportunity for us to all cooperate to improve
Netrek.  I'm afraid this may mean some of us will have to learn things
we don't know very well yet ... for instance I may have to learn some
Win32 stuff.  I've already learned more than I wanted to in the
interests of Netrek at LAN parties and computer camps.

But I'm prepared to operate a Win32 environment for the purposes of
development and testing.  Steve, or any other Win32-only developer,
if you need a hand getting over the learning curve of running a UNIX 
system, let me know.

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