Looks good.  Please continue!

My contributions ...

- from looking at the main window, I could not work out what 'Normal'
means, and why it is in a radio button set with 'MetaServer' and

- 'MetaServer' should be 'Metaserver', because it is one word not
two, and we refer to it as the metaserver everywhere else.

- 'Observation' should be done as a separate 'Connect' button, e.g. 
'Play' vs 'Observe' buttons.  Maybe 'Watch' is a less technical term.

- it isn't obvious that the file browse option is for recording the
game, so place it in an outline like 'Client Settings' is in 'Program

- place 'Record' and the filename into the 'Settings' menu on the main
window, so as to not clutter up the window.  Remember the 'Record' state
for next time.  Take a folder name rather than a filename, and auto-
matically choose a filename (e.g. servername-date) so that the user can
just click on them later to play them back.

- there don't appear to be any shortcut underlines,

- the 'Server' selection only allows one line ... it should be a list
that is populated at startup from a data file, and then a metaserver
query by UDP ... let me know if you need help with that bit ... to
update the list.  I'd then expect the player to either double-click
on a server entry, or click and then click 'Play'

- just call it 'Netrek' on the title bar, rather than 'Netrek Launcher',
because your target market doesn't need to know it is an extra program,
and I would expect that you would ship it *with* the client anyway.

- the settings window should be titled 'Netrek Settings' rather than

- 'Program Settings' might need a better name,

- 'General Options' need only say 'General',

- in 'Program Settings', the outline area 'Client Settings' would be
better labelled 'Files'.

- since you have an outline area for files, add one as well for the
other ones on the same notebook tab?

- 'Dir.' should be 'Folder'.

- 'Cap-Lock' should be 'Caps Lock', 

- the 'at Connect.' bit of each of these buttons is not needed, because
it is obvious from context that it applies once play is started.

- at the bottom of the 'Settings' window, I would expect the order of
buttons to be 'OK', 'Apply', and then 'Cancel', but I guess you'd know
the order seen on your system.  I don't know it.

- can I see screen shots of the other 'Settings' notebook tags?

- JPG is no good for screen shots, use GIF or PNG format, and see the
difference in size and quality.

James Cameron    mailto:quozl at us.netrek.org     http://quozl.netrek.org/