On Mon, Jun 17, 2002 at 03:11:07PM -0500, Michael Wyatt wrote:
> That's what I was looking for. Thanks James!


> The screen shots are here:
> http://www.geocities.com/netreklauncher/screenshots.html
> (No changes made yet.)

Thanks.  Shall review and reply in separate mail with my contributions.

> Obviously we want to collaborate on one complete package. The availability
> of the software needs to be kept the way it is. Bob posted the list of all
> the clients used and we need to try to accommodate the operating systems
> that he listed. What is the one language that will help us accomplish this?

Agreed, that is the issue.

Could I have a contribution from each interested developer to the list
saying what Win32 languages you have successfully developed a program in,
and what skill level you believe you are?  You'd have to be still capable
of developing in it (which excludes MSVC++ for me, no license).

James Cameron, PHP-GTK: high, gcc on cygwin: medium.
Mike Wyatt, Delphi Pascal with Win32 API, Java. 

This will give me a list of interested developers and the tools they are

Then I'll list the tools we can use.  Then you developers will be asked to
tell me which of the tools you will not use (in other words you won't
participate if that tool is chosen), which you will learn if we choose it,
and which you would be immediately productive in.

I'll arrange the results in a matrix on a web page and then we can decide.

> BTW: Can you tell me which file from the source contains the majority of the
> metaserver code?

Yes, COW source in CVS, file parsemeta.c, last heavy edits were a
collaboration between Carlos and I to add UDP metaserver support,
which contacts multiple metaservers instead of just one, doesn't
get delayed by TCP/IP connection setup times, and merges the many
replies it gets.

The module also contains the older, simpler TCP based metaserver


ReadMetasSend() sends a UDP solicitation to all the metaservers.
ReadMetasRecv() processes the replies, storing in a struct *sp[n];

Any questions, just ask myself or Carlos.  Or the list.  ;-)

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