That's what I was looking for. Thanks James!

The screen shots are here:
(No changes made yet.)

Obviously we want to collaborate on one complete package. The availability
of the software needs to be kept the way it is. Bob posted the list of all
the clients used and we need to try to accommodate the operating systems
that he listed. What is the one language that will help us accomplish this?
I am more than willing to learn a new language. Preferably something leaning
towards C. Java is very close, but the runtime environment is the only
aspect that bothers me. Bob's SDL looks very promising, but I have heard one
or two horror stories when used in Win32. (Hopefully worked out by now.) I
would prefer something that is native to the system.

I'll continue my own work until we agree on something.


BTW: Can you tell me which file from the source contains the majority of the
metaserver code?

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> - from looking at the main window, I could not work out what 'Normal'
> means, and why it is in a radio button set with 'MetaServer' and
> 'Observation'.
> - 'MetaServer' should be 'Metaserver', because it is one word not
> two, and we refer to it as the metaserver everywhere else.
> - 'Observation' should be done as a separate 'Connect' button, e.g.
> 'Play' vs 'Observe' buttons.  Maybe 'Watch' is a less technical term.
> - it isn't obvious that the file browse option is for recording the
> game, so place it in an outline like 'Client Settings' is in 'Program
> Settings'
> - place 'Record' and the filename into the 'Settings' menu on the main
> window, so as to not clutter up the window.  Remember the 'Record' state
> for next time.  Take a folder name rather than a filename, and auto-
> matically choose a filename (e.g. servername-date) so that the user can
> just click on them later to play them back.
> - there don't appear to be any shortcut underlines,
> - the 'Server' selection only allows one line ... it should be a list
> that is populated at startup from a data file, and then a metaserver
> query by UDP ... let me know if you need help with that bit ... to
> update the list.  I'd then expect the player to either double-click
> on a server entry, or click and then click 'Play'
> - just call it 'Netrek' on the title bar, rather than 'Netrek Launcher',
> because your target market doesn't need to know it is an extra program,
> and I would expect that you would ship it *with* the client anyway.
> - the settings window should be titled 'Netrek Settings' rather than
> 'Settings'?
> - 'Program Settings' might need a better name,
> - 'General Options' need only say 'General',
> - in 'Program Settings', the outline area 'Client Settings' would be
> better labelled 'Files'.
> - since you have an outline area for files, add one as well for the
> other ones on the same notebook tab?
> - 'Dir.' should be 'Folder'.
> - 'Cap-Lock' should be 'Caps Lock',
> - the 'at Connect.' bit of each of these buttons is not needed, because
> it is obvious from context that it applies once play is started.
> - at the bottom of the 'Settings' window, I would expect the order of
> buttons to be 'OK', 'Apply', and then 'Cancel', but I guess you'd know
> the order seen on your system.  I don't know it.
> - can I see screen shots of the other 'Settings' notebook tags?
> - JPG is no good for screen shots, use GIF or PNG format, and see the
> difference in size and quality.
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