Quoting James Cameron (quozl at us.netrek.org):
> E.g.
> James Cameron, PHP-GTK: high, gcc on cygwin: medium.
> Mike Wyatt, Delphi Pascal with Win32 API, Java. 

Start with my list.

Programming Languages: This is important because if you choose something like
VB, it's going to be tough for the unix people (ok, maybe someday it won't be 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/vb4linux/). I think a list of programming
languages known to "work" on both platforms will be helpful.

C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Others?

Widget Sets: When I say widget sets, I'm talking scrollbars, buttons, popups,
menubar, etc. For sprites, animations, sound fall into the what I'm calling the
Media Layer. Again, a widget set that is known to "work" on both platforms  will
be helpful.

GTK+ (and it's derivatives), QT, wxWindow, Others?

Media Layer: As listed above this is the "game framework". This is also where I
think most of the controversy will come. All Win32 game developers I know think
DirectX, choosing something else is hard.

SDL, OpenGL, Others (can't remember any others right now)?

Build Tools: Another point of controversy. Visual .NET gives an excellent
devel-environment, but it Win32 specific. That is not to say don't use Visual
.NET, but contributing the project files is not very useful IMHO. We need to try
to use tools common to each platform.

make, autoconf, automake, others?

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