Basically nothing.
    Played Around With: C, Java, PHP, SQL, QT, GTK, Kylix
    Delphi - Medium
    VB - Medium
    C - Very Little (Dev-C++)
    Java - Very Little
    PHP, SQL - Basics
    Cygwin - Operation

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> Quoting James Cameron (quozl at us.netrek.org):
> > E.g.
> > James Cameron, PHP-GTK: high, gcc on cygwin: medium.
> > Mike Wyatt, Delphi Pascal with Win32 API, Java.
> Start with my list.
> Programming Languages: This is important because if you choose something
> VB, it's going to be tough for the unix people (ok, maybe someday it won't
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/vb4linux/). I think a list of programming
> languages known to "work" on both platforms will be helpful.
> C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Others?
> Widget Sets: When I say widget sets, I'm talking scrollbars, buttons,
> menubar, etc. For sprites, animations, sound fall into the what I'm
calling the
> Media Layer. Again, a widget set that is known to "work" on both platforms
> be helpful.
> GTK+ (and it's derivatives), QT, wxWindow, Others?
> Media Layer: As listed above this is the "game framework". This is also
where I
> think most of the controversy will come. All Win32 game developers I know
> DirectX, choosing something else is hard.
> SDL, OpenGL, Others (can't remember any others right now)?
> Build Tools: Another point of controversy. Visual .NET gives an excellent
> devel-environment, but it Win32 specific. That is not to say don't use
> .NET, but contributing the project files is not very useful IMHO. We need
to try
> to use tools common to each platform.
> make, autoconf, automake, others?
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