I would to like address an ongoing problem I've observed
for the past few months.

Players have an active slot, yet keep a slot open in the
wait queue (sometimes even 2 or 3 slots!). 

This is extremely rude and shows gross disregard for others
who are waiting to play.

Just now I waited a good 20 minutes to get into Continuum.

Once there I use 'queue hosts' command to see who is on
queue and sure enough 'Sky Monkey' (R0) had an slot in wait

23:25:45:  R6->R6   queue hosts
23:25:45: GOD->R6   Approximate pickup queue size: 5
23:25:45: GOD->R6   Q0: ool-4350b075.dyn.optonline.net
23:25:45: GOD->R6   Q1: (aka R0 Sky Monkey)

I've noticed he is habitually abusing the wait queue in
this way.

I asked him on ALL why he has a wait queue slot and he
"i may quit and not have to wait to come back"


Can someone please make a code change so that if wait queue
slot is same as active slow to reset both slots.


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