G'day Zach,

I don't feel this is an abuse.  It's a feature.

a) for some people (like me) who share a network connection,
multiple slots with the same IP address is normal,

b) if a player is holding a wait queue slot, as well as a
player slot, and then decides to leave, the wait queue slot
will be released and the players in the queue after them
will be moved forward, (I've often stepped forward two, three
or four queue slots at once, while waiting),

c) it is a method by which players can prepare for the next
genocide, and be ready to start the next game.

The players cannot hold a login slot for more than a minute,
as they are timed out.  If they reach the head of the queue
while doing this, begin login, but then let it time out,
that would be antisocial.  The fix I applied for that was to
reduce the login timer.  I've spoken to Sky Monkey and he has
agreed not to cause his client to sit in login ... I've no
evidence that he does.

While you waited to get into Continuum, I do hope you also
logged in to another server, so that others on the queue
could play there?  Not doing so would be antisocial.

On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 08:34:55PM -0700, Zach wrote:
> Can someone please make a code change so that if wait queue
> slot is same as active slot to reset both slots.

Someone may indeed make this change, but I won't be planning
to apply it on Continuum.

Now, if there was a patch to drop new requests for a queue slot
from the same IP if there are already 16 other slots with the
same IP ... that I would think good to apply.

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