Hello all,

It sure has been quiet on this list :)

I was looking at the PW-style stats for INL server
version 4.0, Patchlevel 8

The base stats had toffense. Is this same as tek?

The player stats had fao, tof, & fck. What are these,
and why don't we use them anymore? And can we use

Also I noticed it inclued lag statistics. Such as:

 Lag statistics (appropriate clients only):
Name          team avrt(ms) stdv(ms)  pkls(s->c /
Vorpal Tube    Ra    167       40           19% /  38%
TuberScampi    Rd    184       40           12% /  47%
Famous Tube    Rf    145       30           12% /  18%
Grey Tuber     R8    127       78            8% /  17%

Could we *please* add this back into the next Vanilla
release. I think being able to see who was lagged
and how much could be very useful, and easier than
having to manually send "!" to each player.

If you don't want to add this can someone please send
me the code so I can make a small client utility that
will do this.

PS: AFAIK pwstats.html is generated from
ltd_dump.txt.gz yes? Which functions are responsible
for doing this?


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