On Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 03:52:20AM -0700, Zach wrote:
> [lag statistics]
> Could we *please* add this back into the next Vanilla
> release. I think being able to see who was lagged
> and how much could be very useful, and easier than
> having to manually send "!" to each player.

Added to PROJECTS list.  I conjecture that the reason why it isn't
implemented is that nobody believed it to be important.  I've watched
quite a few INL games, and lag of participants doesn't really seem to
make any difference to the result.

The big CMU versus Australia game a few years ago proved that for us.
At least I think it was CMU.  Danny still has nightmares about it.
Despite the CMU team playing with 600-800ms lag, they won convincingly.

If anybody adds it, I'm quite happy to keep it in the source.

> If you don't want to add this can someone please send
> me the code so I can make a small client utility that
> will do this.

Who is you?
Send you what code?

Doing it client-side would certainly lessen the authority and accuracy
of any data.

> PS: AFAIK pwstats.html is generated from
> ltd_dump.txt.gz yes? Which functions are responsible
> for doing this?


# Generates PWstats and others from an ltd_stats file.
# Mails stats to statboys if REGISTER was used.

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