On Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 05:58:00AM -0700, Zach wrote:
> Ok. At some point the code was already saw since those
> lag statistics were in that old LTD stats. So my
> question is do we have a code repository/archive for
> the prior releases of Vanilla? If it's a question of
> just finding the old code and plugging it into the new
> release I can give it a whack.

Yes, we have CVS.  Other than that we have prior releases in the
same directory that contains the current release.  Tell me where
and when you saw this functionality in the server.

> > Who is you?
> I am Zach.

You had made a statement using the word "you" and I was asking 
which you you meant.

> > Send you what code?
> The code that generated the LTD lag statistics from
> the old Vanilla release.

I'm not aware of any such code.

> > robots/end_tourney.pl
> Ah so it is a seperate perl script? Why not have C
> routine instead? 

It isn't separate, it is shipped with the release.

Since the process is a text log analysis, Perl does seem a reasonable 
choice.  I see no reason for coding it in C.  It only runs once, at the
end of a game, so performance is not a significant issue.

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