--- James Cameron <quozl at us.netrek.org> wrote:
> Added to PROJECTS list.  I conjecture that the
> reason why it isn't
> implemented is that nobody believed it to be
> important.  I've watched
> quite a few INL games, and lag of participants
> doesn't really seem to
> make any difference to the result.

Ok, but I still find it useful. I like to compare my
performance over time with my lag.

> The big CMU versus Australia game a few years ago
> proved that for us.
> At least I think it was CMU.  Danny still has
> nightmares about it.
> Despite the CMU team playing with 600-800ms lag,
> they won convincingly.

Yeah I've heard stories about that.

> If anybody adds it, I'm quite happy to keep it in
> the source.

Ok. At some point the code was already saw since those
lag statistics were in that old LTD stats. So my
question is do we have a code repository/archive for
the prior releases of Vanilla? If it's a question of
just finding the old code and plugging it into the new
release I can give it a whack.

> Who is you?

I am Zach.

> Send you what code?

The code that generated the LTD lag statistics from
the old Vanilla release.

> Doing it client-side would certainly lessen the
> authority and accuracy
> of any data.


> robots/end_tourney.pl

Ah so it is a seperate perl script? Why not have C
routine instead? 


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