Nick's patch for pre-T mods should not be made the default
for Vanilla. If someone wants to make a seperate
Vanilla-pre-T-mod package for CVS that is fine but please
can whoever made the changes put the Vanilla package back
to the way it was without the pre-T mods as default?


--- Volcane <Volcane at> wrote:
> 	The diff is available at
> so 
> presumably someone with cvs privs can merge the changes
> in again?
> that link is timelocked so I'll mirror, let me know
> when/if its fixed
> patch command:
> cd to the directory you ran the cvs checkout from (the
> directory should 
> include the Vanilla2.7p8 directory) and run... patch -u
> -p2 < patches.diffs
> Thanks
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