I probably owe you guys an apology for letting stuff lapse so much
on netrek.org.  The netrek home page is in a pretty shabby state,
and most of the clue servers probably need updating.  I guess I
don't have the time anymore to keep things maintained let alone
stay in the loop of things.

Nevertheless, I'm willing to put forth a last ditch effort to
get things reorganized to the point where I can hand over content
control over to folks who may have more time to dedicate.  Towards
this end, I'm soliciting for volunteers who are serious about
donating time and energy to make this happen.

I'm interested in creating a WIKI type community area where
different sections can be handed over to different maintainers.
I have the expertise to set this up and the time to do system
maintenance, but I'm really looking for people who can take
the infrastructure I can provide and turn it into a useful
and effective forum for netrek.

Any takers?

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