Hi I am working on creating a java netrek observer. I am able to connect to the server by opening a socket from the applet using the following code:

  void loadRecording() {
    try {
      InputStream ins;
      /* jsc */
      stat.setText("Waiting for packet data...");

      if ( is_socket == true ) {
	  /* recording is a server name */
	  // thus open the observer socket and start collecting packets
	String SERVER_HOST_IP = "";
	java.net.SocketPermission p1 = new SocketPermission(SERVER_HOST_IP+":2593", "connect,accept");
	Socket s = new Socket(SERVER_HOST_IP, 2593);
	ins = s.getInputStream();
      } else {
...      }

At this point the socket is open and the input stream has been returned. What client/server, server/client communications needs to happen to get the client authenticated and such? Which vanilla server source code should i investigate ?

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