Quoting E. Hietbrink <Shadow.Hunter at netrek.org>:

> I was wondering if the source of the metaserver is available somewhere
> (probably yes ;-)

I haven't checked, but it should be on ftp://ftp.netrek.org/pub/netrek

> What ports must be opened and what checks are done before it is
> added to the list?

If a random player can get to the list, so can the metaserver.

There are two ways to get on the list.

1) You ask us to put you on the list, and we edit our config files.

2) Your netrek server itself adds itself to the lists through a
   process called metaserver solicitation.  In the docs directory
   on your server, look at the file called sample_metaservers and 
   make a file called .metaservers in the netrek root directory.

--Carlos V.

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