Carlos Y. Villalpando wrote:
>>;-) of course. I'd like to ask for to be added, but first
>>I am curious what makes the automates setup fail. David Watson (Volcane)
>>also wondered why didn't get listed a while ago,
>>so it is not just my server.
> No clue.  I could do a metaserver log and a tcpdump log to find out if
> stuff is getting to my sever to begin with.
> Let us know when you want it added.

Small update. I now know what makes it fail. Now I still need to fix it.

What I did: First checked if I didn't see any PDUs sent out to any
metaserver. Nothing. Then I started checking the file ERRORS. Ahum.
Should have done that sooner ;-) I got loads and loads of these two
types of messages:

   solicit: udp_attach: unable to bind to desired interface ( field): Can't assign requested address
   solicit: udp_tx: sendto: Can't assign requested address

Closer investigation and debugging in solicit.c reveals that somehow
the calls to gethostbyname(m->ours) and gethostbyname(m->host) return
garbage. Wierd. This I need to look into.

I got all working by filling in the IP addresses of both my server as
the metaservers in the file .metaservers. I saw myself getting listed.

Apparently it's a local problem for me. Will work on fixing it. However
I did see another thing. Namely I run the server on a box behind a
NAT firewall. So my internal addresses won't be the same as the call to
gethostbyname("") returns. As a result the bind() call will
fail with (errno = 49 = EADDRNOTAVAIL) and the automated registration
will still fail.

Is the bind() call really necessary? What if the server simply sends
the raw announcement PDU. Does the metaserver run a check on sender
address with the DNS-lookup-result of the reported serveraddress? That
would still make it `failsafe'.

Greetx, Erik

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