Quoting E. Hietbrink <Shadow.Hunter at netrek.org>:

> >I haven't checked, but it should be on ftp://ftp.netrek.org/pub/netrek
> >somewhere.
> I just walked the entire tree again and could not find it. Maybe i'm
> blind...

I can't seem to find it either.  I'll put a copy in /incoming for Dave
to place somewhere

> >If a random player can get to the list, so can the metaserver.
> I dont quite understand this statement?! Dou you mean the metaserver
> attempts to contact my server at TCP port 2591 to request a list of
> current players? It should be able to do that...

In non-solicit mode, yes it does.  And if that doesn't work, it will
actually connect as a player on 2592 to get the player list.  In
solicit mode, the netrek server will send a single UDP packet to the
normal metaserver port (3521).

> ;-) of course. I'd like to ask for nl.netrek.org to be added, but first
> I am curious what makes the automates setup fail. David Watson (Volcane)
> also wondered why eurotwinks.netrek.org didn't get listed a while ago,
> so it is not just my server.

No clue.  I could do a metaserver log and a tcpdump log to find out if
stuff is getting to my sever to begin with.

Let us know when you want it added.

> metaserver.eu.netrek.org 3521 60 120 nl.netrek.org B 2592 2593 open

He doesn't exist anymore.

--Carlos V.

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