AFAIK Karth is no longer maintaing BRMH. There have been no

source changes in 3.5 years (since 03/25/00) so unless
anyone objects I'd like to take over maintaining this
client. I have a few questions regarding RES-RSA:
I downloaded rsares-rsa-2.9.2.tar.gz from

The INSTALL file says to run  './configure; make mkkey' to
create the client key generator program.

Ok first I had to hack the and run with:
./configure --with-gmp=./gmp-4.1.2 --libdir=/usr/local/lib
to make it happy. Then it could said during configure:
checking for mpz_fdiv_q_ui in -lgmp... no
I don't know what version that funtion was for but it isn't
used in gmp-4.1.2   Anyways the configure still completed

The INSTALL says to then run "make mkkey" but this is
redundant since mkkey is generated by the ./configure
script running. 

INSTALl then says:
"Run the mkkey program in your client source directory with
the appropriate arguments.  It will create rsa_box*.c files
and the RSA keypair needed to build an RSA-enabled client."

That is all the documentation I could find with the res-rsa
package. However the brmh-2.4.0 INSTALL file says: mkkey
key_name client_type architecture/OS creator comments
So I think it would be a good idea for this extra
documentation to be merged into the res-rsa INSTALL file.

Anyways I am a bit confused as to how I get the secret key
that I've just created blessed? Do I send my secret key to
someone on this list and then my newly compiled brmh-2.4.0
client will be able to connect to the metaserver servers?

Also when I make documentation and/or source changes for
brm-2.4.0 how do I get these uploaded to

Also I found some documentation errors as well as defunct
links for Vanilla and res-rsa stuff so how do I go about
getting these changes uploaded as well?


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