As a quick work around, to try and get the brmh client
built at least, I ran: "./mkkey foo foo foo foo foo" in my
res-rsa-2.9.3 directory and it seems to have worked as it
generated the rsa_box* files.

The problem I'm having when trying to compile brm-2.4.0 is
that it doesn't seem to know where my RSA directory lives!

The brm-2.4.0 INSTALL file merely says to:
"Edit Netrek.tmpl, checking and/or setting CC, CDEBUGFLAGS,
_RSA. If you want to use RSA, define MP_LIB (gnu MP) and

So I went to my Netrek.tmpl and saw it had section:

#define RSA_            YES             /* RSA */

I then changed the MP_LIB and MP_INCLUDE statements to
point to where my gmp-4.1.2 lives:

#if RSA_
/* RSA paths */
            MP_LIB =
-L../../res-rsa/res-rsa-2.9.2/gmp-4.1.2/ -lgmp -lmp
            MP_INCLUDE =

/* RSA boxes -- put here because the default # of boxes
might change */

        RSA_BOX_SRCS =  rsa_box_0.c rsa_box_1.c rsa_box_2.c
			rsa_box_3.c rsa_box_4.c
        RSA_BOX_OBJS =  rsa_box_0.o rsa_box_1.o rsa_box_2.o
			rsa_box_3.o rsa_box_4.o
#endif /* _RSA_ */

However I see no place in this Netrek.tmpl file (Is this
some autoconfig file or something standard for make? I
never saw these .tmpl and .info files in a source tree
for defining where RSA directory is and thus my mkkey
program and rsa_box* files !!!

So of when I run 'make depend' in brm-2.4.0 it says:
gcc: rsa_box.c: No such file or directory
gcc: rsa_box_0.c: No such file or directory
gcc: rsa_box_1.c: No such file or directory
gcc: rsa_box_2.c: No such file or directory
gcc: rsa_box_3.c: No such file or directory
gcc: rsa_box_4.c: No such file or directory

And when I run 'make' the BRMH compile fails saying:
make: *** No rule to make target `rsa_box.o', needed by
`netrek'.  Stop.

So how exactly to I tell it where my RSA directory is?
The documentation for building BRMH seems rather skimpy.
And the RES-RSA documemtation also had some problems. Lack
of proper documentation seems to be a theme with netrek

Any help greatly appreciated.


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