I'm trying to get a Pre-T server going and I've a problem with it. On 
approx 28th Jan I grabbed the code from CVS and compiled it, I've got a 
running server that people can connect to  (eurotwinks.netrek.org). I'm 
having some trouble connecting to the metaserver but after a little advice 
I think thats a config error at my end.

	The player database is broken however. When I add a new character the 
.players increases in size but on subsequent logins I have to give the 
password twice and the .players increases in size.

	the pledit util segfaults on the file.

	If I copy an old .players across from another server I can log in with 
existing characters and run pledit. New characters do not add properly and 
as soon as there is one in the database pledit will segfault.

Any ideas?


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