Player database works on a newly compiled server (from cvs), I had to 
provide glib and gdbm which were not required before. I also had to edit and add gdbm to extralibs giving:

EXTRALIBS = $(LINKFLAGS)  -lnsl -lm -lgdbm

NO_DUPLICATE_HOSTS kills PreT for me. (one robot comes on), I'm not sure 
why you think it might not kill them as they connect like clients?

an exception for isn't even enough (for me) as my linux distro 
connects back with a source address of its ip rather than local. I'm happy 
to disable the feature for now in any case just thought it was worth 

	Should something like this be in .sysdef? perhaps with an exception list? 
all very well for me to say things like that when I cant code ;)

	Pathetically I havnt done much on my server so I'll take a look at my 
metaserver problems today and see if I cant get things online properly


PS. What's the best way to shutdown a running server?

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